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Wet Dry Vacuum ED12
Lightweight & Edge clean design
l e a r n m o r e
Wet Dry Vacuum ED11
Spin-dry design
l e a r n m o r e
VC10 Pro Vacuum
Centralized Cleaning
l e a r n m o r e
Combo Vacuum ED20 Pro
Versatile Cleaning Power
l e a r n m o r e

Why Choose JONR


With advanced equipment and patented technology, JONR provides high-quality smart vacuums, leading consumers to bid farewell to traditional household cleaning appliances, making cleaning easy.


Through rich manufacturing experience and advanced supply chain advantages,  all of our product cost is significantly competitive. Choose JONR, choose to save money.


With independent research and development capabilities and marketing professional personnel, we attach great importance to customer needs and take fast action for a better product experience.